Set of Graphics from the Dirty series After many months of work, a set of Dirty-Twelve graphics was created.The set includes as many as 12 graphics and is available in white and black. I have put an unimaginable number of hours and lot of heart into creating this set of graphics Hope you will love […]

A long way

It wasn’t that easy to start over. I knew I had to do the same thing again only to make it better. I knew I would need about a year to finish the Dirty series of art. I was wondering if painting the same thing again would make my work boring. The first graphics from […]

Dirty series

After a one-year break in creating new projects, I decided it was time to restore the series. The original designs were created from scratch in a larger format with an emphasis on an incredible amount of detail. The process of creating a single dirty series graphic takes about a month. The huge amount of work […]

First Graphic Set

After a few months of work, the first set of graphics appeared – Classic Black Set. This set of graphics immediately became a world bestseller. It went to 36 countries in just one year. During its sale, numerous updates appeared. I have received many photos from all over the world from satisfied customers.

New projects

After I bought the first HD, I handed over the graphics of the S&S model to the Dealership in Gdańsk, where it was hung on the wall. I didn’t go back to drawing for a while. A lot has happened in my personal life. Change of job, birth of another child. Time passed. In 2019, […]

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