First motor painting – 2016

Some say that every path has a beginning and an end. Others will say it’s just an illusion, and everything just keeps changing, but it’s always exactly as you want it to be at any given moment. You just have to see it. If you look at it this way, my path as an artist began at the age of 5, but I haven’t been able to notice it all my life.

Throughout my life, I regularly used crayons, brushes, inks and paints, but in my eyes art was only a hobby. The times in which I grew up made me feel that this is not a way of life. It was only after a motorcycle accident in 2015, when my whole life turned upside down, that there was room for art. Multiple spine injuries made the recovery process long and complicated. I couldn’t work or ride a motorcycle at that time, but I could paint. It was then that I started looking for the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle. After a long search, I decided to buy a Sportster model at an Authorized Service Center. It was one of the bikes I have the best memories of.

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